• Captain Righteous
  • Feeling Scorpio
  • Disappear


  • Date
  • Label
    Beat Parlor Records
  • Artists
    Brian Lovely


1. Captain Righteous
2. Feeling Scorpio
3. Disappear
4. Blue, Blue Sky
5. Justaboutasidon’tknowwhatasithinkyoucanget
6. The Day After
7. She’s Everything
8. Struggle
9. Barstool
10. Talk to Me Louise
11. Unstoppable
12. Superimpose

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Song “Struggle” featured in VH1 series My Coolest Years

The press wrote.

“Brian Lovely has invested “Superimpose” with an astonishing range of pop greatness, making it an album that clearly stands shoulder to shoulder with its well-placed influences.”

Amplifier Magazine

Here’s a record that beautifully balances cynicism and heartfelt sentimentality, and mixes in some first-rate melody-writing, to create an alternately touching and humorous portrait of the artist. And yet this album’s greatest attraction is probably the guitar playing of Lovely. He can play leads—and does—but the real pleasure here is listening to his subtle, harmonically sophisticated command of the guitar. Players like this are exceedingly rare… and Lovely’s tasteful skill is on full display here.”


“Lovely deserves every accolade for this pop masterpiece. Lovely, a well-known name in the Cincinnati music scene, has crafted a collection of smart tunes that showcases his formidable prowess and clever songwriting ability that borders on greatness.”

Louisville Music News

“The multi-instrumentalist proves himself on his own solo album, “Superimpose” as a likewise experienced songwriter. The twelve songs are convincing with Pop finesse …. Lovely has moreover a fine sense of humor. And yes “Justaboutasidontknowwhatasithinkyoucanget” despite the complicated title may be the next summer hit.”

Swiss Records

“The long-awaited solo album by one of the masters of the Cincinnati pop sound, Brian Lovely’s Superimpose is a fine batch of adult rock ‘n’ roll.  At times it’s a bit cynical (“Blue, Blue Sky,” “Struggle”), at times full of hormonal wide-eyed wonder (“The Day After,” “She’s Everything”) it wears its mood swings well.”

Cincinnati Enquirer

“Lovely CD: Fine writing, sonic hooky guitar, thickly textured production. It’s all there in one of the most complete and polished local CD releases of the year from Brian Lovely, the veteran guitarist and singer-songwriter.”

Cincinnati Post

“The debut is a rocking slab of rhythm and Pop with Lovely’s trademark quirky sonic textures sprinkled throughout and a resulting mix slightly reminiscent of XTC or the rhythmically charged Stiff-era Elvis Costello.”


“The songs on Brian Lovely’s new CD are so undeniably catchy we had to share them with our listeners right away.”

91.9 WFPK, Louisville, Kentucky

“Brian’s new CD is everything – and more – that you would expect from this veteran singer/songwriter. One of the best of the year!”

97.7 WOXY, Oxford, Ohio

“Brian Lovely’s CD, Superimpose, has been a solid addition to WVXU’s playlist…We’ve been impressed with his songs, his production skills, plus the heartfelt simplicity combined with an interesting complexity in his music.”  

91.7 WVXU, Cincinnati, Ohio